2 Weird Tips You Must Know to Generate Traffic From Fiverr

Today I will share with you 2 weird, unique and unusual ways to generate 100 free visitors to your blog every day using a service called Fiverr.

Using my 2 secret ninja tricks, you can drive a lot of traffic to your blog and website by outsourcing work with Fiverr. Many of you may know that Fiverr is a very cool place, you can outsource things for as little as $5. If you follow my advice, you can take advantage of this excellent service. Whether you want to generate free traffic for your website or just get traffic for your blog, Fiverr, when used correctly, can become a traffic powerhouse.

Repurposing content gives you 10x more traffic from Fiverr

Tip 1: Convert your article to PowerPoint slides or PDF

All you need to do is turn the articles you’ve written into PowerPoint presentations and then submit them to websites like slideshare.net. Very simple stuff, but it can be time consuming. Well, now you can use Fiverr.com to automate the process. There are some users on Fiverr who will convert your articles into PowerPoint slides and PDFs for you. Cool right. They will then submit it to the top five slideshow sharing sites and the top five document sharing sites. All five dollars! So what you get for five bucks can save you a lot of time and get you high quality traffic. Most importantly, those valuable backlinks to your blog.

Tip 2: Transcribe your video to facilitate free traffic

The second way to use Fiver to get really unusual and unique traffic is to simply pay $5 and ask someone to transcribe your video into text to get cheap traffic easily. If you’ve ever created videos to increase traffic to your blog, you already have the content. All you need to do is find someone on Fiverr who is ready to turn your video into text. Then just use the “new” content to get lots of free traffic from search engines. This applies to any video or audio content you create. There are many people on Fiverr who are willing to convert your video into text. Once you have the text, you only need to supply it as an article. Or divide it into several articles, if there is a lot of content, distribute it to the article directory website. You can even share them on your favorite forums or just on your blog.


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