How To Establish Credibility In Your Specialty As A Freelance Writer

Many people around the world are engaged in free writing and everyone dreams of becoming a god in their own field. From struggling beginners to successful freelancers is not an easy journey. You may have talent, skills and experience. You are also passionate and hardworking, but to stand out from the competition, you need to put in some extra effort to build long-lasting credibility and a successful career and become an expert writer you admire and admire.

Let us explore effective ways to help you build your credibility and establish a household name in free writing.

Tips for Building Credibility

As we all know, professional freelancers are so busy with workload and meeting client deadlines that they don’t have enough time to use their skills to develop their business. To build credibility, you need to market yourself carefully. Here are some tips for gaining credibility:

1) Avoid shortcuts:

Many freelancers focus on short-term goals. In order to meet the contract rule and tight work schedule, they try to copy and copy many online resources. Remember this is the most dangerous step to damage your credibility.

2) Always meet your deadline:

It is important to make sure this is done on time. If you are confident that you can complete it on time and will never affect the quality of your work, always take over the project.

3) Identity and Benefits

Ask yourself a simple question, why should customers hire you? You should have some advantages over others. Focus on your profession. Sell ​​yourself well, focus on your field and improve your key skills. Remember, if you are not superior in some ways, why would anyone seek your services?

4) Visibility

You may be an efficient and effective freelance writer, but if clients can’t see you, how can they hire you. You must be visible and reachable. This can be done

5) Join your professional community

6) Write an article

7) Develop and update your own website

8) Always keep in touch with your old customers

9) Develop and update your blog

The following comments from successful freelancers about the benefits of blogging are as follows:

In her post “Why I’m Writing This Blog,” freelancer P.S. Jones said blogging is a way for her to maintain a sense of responsibility and meet virtual colleagues. When you consider these aspects, you can’t deny that your blog is an important part of your freelance career. If you write well, each of your articles can generate new potential customers and showcase your skills and services 24 hours a day.

Avoid These Missteps in Hiring Freelancers

You’re ready to take your business to another level, but hiring full-time employees doesn’t meet your needs. You are not willing to take on the complexities of dealing with wages, taxes and other employee issues. Fortunately, there is a way to increase the capacity of your business without having to work with independent contractors. However, there is only a fine line between permanent employees and freelancers. You can avoid difficult situations with these tips:

-Make sure your employees are not workers wearing contractor clothing. The IRS closely monitors the use of independent freelancers, in part because companies use them as an excuse not to pay payroll taxes (rest assured that the IRS wants you to pay as much tax as possible). The IRS will look at how much control you have over employees. Have you decided how, when, where, who and what method you will use to complete the work? If so, the employee is more likely to be considered an employee. For example, if you hire “Jemma” as an independent contractor at your office from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM to answer calls using your company name, even if you have a written agreement, the IRS can treat Jemma as an employee and call her as a self-employed contractor .

-Ask your freelancer to provide a business certificate. Outsourcing to commercial entities can minimize confusion between independent contractors and employees. You don’t just have to work with big companies. Instead, there are many small sole proprietorships that can meet your requirements. By partnering with the company, you are much less likely to be caught by the “employee network”; a simple guideline is that you do not provide a 1099 form to the company or limited liability company.

-Check if they have insurance. Independent contractors with insurance demonstrate a serious commitment to the company and customers and consider pre-protecting assets. When dealing with this type of freelancer, you know you have a solid footing. Therefore, when you file a lawsuit against them, you know that they are able to pay any damages. If they don’t have money in the bank, there’s little point in getting judgments in your favor.

Freelancers, if managed properly, can be a huge asset to your business. Just like you and any other supplier who provides important services, sign a written agreement. Ask a lawyer to review your agreement before finalizing it, as subtle changes in wording can result in them getting caught and well buffered. When your agreement is in order, when you use the “rental gun”, you can rest easy.


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