My Favorite “Everything for Five Dollars” Website

What would you do for 5 yuan? Two weeks ago, one of my mentors, Kate Buck Jr., took me to an amazing website called This website is full of people from all over the world who want to do various tasks, yes, you read that right, 5 bucks.

Some are downright stupid… I’ll send your kid a letter from the tooth fairy for $5. I’m sending you a video of me singing a song in Japanese for $5. I’d do anything reasonable in a catsuit for $5.

Some sound like a good idea… I spend $5 to write 20 comments on your blog. I’ll like and become a fan, and recommend or invite my 3,300 loyal friends to your Facebook fan page for $5. I’ll make a sign to promote your business and then spend $5 to walk around Times Square.

However, some of them are incredible deals. As a professional starting a business on a budget, the things I’ve bought on so far have been second to none. E.g.:

-Although I have mastered the tricks of WordPress, there are some things I can’t do at all. I found a great Fiverr technician who will help me whenever I run into a problem or need to adjust my theme. I sent him a list, he fixed it and I paid $5. Mindless.

-Is writing for the internet not your thing? I found some great Fiverrs who helped organize a resume and edited some blog posts for me.

– Need to design some business cards? There are many graphic designers who can help you directly.

-Want to have the coolest Twitter background? You can have one made just for you on Fiverr.

– Want a custom Facebook tag designed in FBML? Just search the list and you will find a talented Fiverr that will make your Facebook page look amazing.

Skeptics may ask, “How do you know how good these people are?” Good question. After all, their service only requires $5 (actually, Fiverr keeps $1, so these folks only make $4.) Like eBay, Fiverr has a comment section where you can comment on the work done for you. Additionally, some Fiverrs provide links to showcase their work portfolio.

Even after you’ve done your homework and chosen Fiverr carefully, you can still get a turkey. The business card designer tells you that he will make a set of changes for free, but then wants to charge you an extra $5 (or “buy another show” in the sense of Fiverr) to fix it. As a graphic designer, she promised to finish her work in 3 days, but then her laptop broke and she couldn’t finish it for you. Nevertheless, you only paid $5, so how much did you really lose aside from time?

Try After all, it will only cost you $5.


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