Try Fiverr for Retirement Income!

Hey Baby Boomers, Do You Need Retirement Income? Fiverr is a job market for anyone looking to sell skills for $5. Skills can be as technical as writing programming code or as simple as singing a birthday song.

Some of the recent “shows” (yes, they name them here) are:

I will spend $5 to write jokes for your speech
I send postcards from Rochester (Rochester, Mn) to anywhere in the world for $5
I’ll write you an acoustic song on the theme of your choice for $5
I’ll give you ideas for things to do and where to go when you visit Niagara Falls for $5
The rewards of each performance aren’t great, but someone will sing a happy birthday song to your friends in Marilyn Monroe’s voice, and you can repeat this all day long! Imagine if those people received that special call (and this totally unique birthday call cost the giver just $5). In fact, that girl was making a lot of money making a few phone calls every day… it all adds up!

Imagine the last performance shown above: The idea of ​​Niagara Falls was the same file that was sent to the person who paid $5. In fact, you take the time to write once and use it over and over (instead of singing over and over), right? simple!

Personally, I use Fiverr to write articles. Retirees who enjoy writing or blogging will find that Fiverr is a suitable market for their skills. In fact, the steps below were bought from Fiverr.

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to start earning retirement income on

1. Register Fivever. All you need is an email address. You can also use your Facebook credentials to register and log in to Fiverr. Follow the instructions you receive in your inbox to verify your email address.

2. Edit your personal information. After you have created an account, log in and edit your profile. Include some information about yourself, your past work, and things you enjoy doing. Upload professional images, avatars and even your own logo. A good idea for the sign is a sign that says “Hire Me”.

3. Create a performance. You can create as many shows as you want. Check out some shows in different categories on the website and write your own show!

Now you are registered and waiting for the show!

If someone wants to have your show, they will contact you to place an order or ask for more information about your show. The timeliness of your response and the way you respond will have a major impact on the buyer’s decision to order the show.

For those with writing skills or creative thinking, working online is a viable way to earn retirement income, and they can start looking for other ideas for $5. Go to and start adding some shows you want to bring to the world.

Think creatively – I just saw an ad that said “I’ll make my dog ​​lick peanut butter off your billboard” for $5. Crazy? Yes. Are you going to pay? Oh yeah… someone would want you to write his or her message on the board, cover it in peanut butter, and let your dog start working when you record the video!

Seriously, put on your most creative thinking hat. What can 5 dollars do?


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