How Outsourcing Can Make Your Business More effective

Let’s say you are a web designer and regularly find a job to create videos to add to your client’s website. Isn’t this a good way to earn extra income, even if it’s good money? problem? You don’t have time to create something new.

Rather than lose an additional source of income, it is better to find people online who already offer this service (or product, depending on your needs). Why not try to contact them and get their permission to use their products or services. This way you don’t have to make new videos (or products/services) yourself and you don’t have to do any work yourself (make videos), but you get paid by promoting other people’s stuff as yours! This is a great way to add additional revenue streams to your business.

For example, there are many places like Craigslist or Fiverr, Freelancer, etc., they have hundreds or even thousands of freelancers and they can do almost anything you can think of.

Why not find someone who can make great videos at a reasonable price? You can then sell these videos yourself for hundreds or even thousands, depending on their quality and the number of videos you want to sell as a pack. The more videos you want to sell together as ready-made products, the higher the cost.

You can easily create a video, no time is spent on it and you can get rewards.

Using these sites can be daunting at first especially if you have never used these services before, but you have an added benefit which is that you get quality services from professionals in their field so you don’t have to worry about making everything; you just have a professional to do the job for you. Remember to double check before deciding who to work with, such as reviews of people who have previously purchased freelance services and samples of their past work. If you choose to use them, both will give you good instruction.

Depending on the website you use, it can also be very cheap, wherever you are, there will be freelancers for you!

By adding these products or services to what you already do, you can strengthen your company’s brand and create additional revenue streams. It can not only increase your business portfolio, but also increase your company brand through the right products.

Therefore, always try to find products or services that you can sell to yourself, and these products or services can almost be completed (outsourced) by others. This will also increase your funnel sales and add more customers for them

MLM overview

MLM can be a very powerful compensation plan model because you can use the power of other people in the network to make money for you (internet marketing). This is the way to get so much wealth in the MLM business. Now, instead of every time you make a sale, you get paid when someone else in your downline makes a sale. If you get excited about this like me, then you just felt the appeal of this model. Most affiliate marketing heavyweights only promote MLM network marketing plans for this reason – to harness the power of other people and make a lot of money doing it.

Build your network marketing team

Step 1) Find or create the perfect opportunity. I mean, you need an attractive MLM business model. This includes valuable products or services that people want or need, with attractive compensation plans. People want to make money from your MLM plan, and they want to do it quickly, so set up your compensation plan/commission structure accordingly (or choose the structure you’re promoting) so members can break even and gain points as quickly as possible. a lot of turnover is needed to reach break-even? How much revenue do you need to make a profit? How much leverage does the plan provide? Understand, use and trust your MLM products or services, and have a good understanding of the compensation plan, so when your MLM leader and downline ask questions, you can be well informed.

Step 2) Brand yourself. Become an expert on your topic and product/service. Become an expert in the plan you are promoting. Make yourself barrier-free. Add your own photos or videos to the copied website. Add some “about me” text to show your personality. Give your phone number. Invite and be passionate about your MLM business. Come from a place of trust. Keep a positive attitude and look forward to good results. If you think you can do it, you’re right. If you think you can’t do it, then you’re right. We attract our ideas, we become what we think. For more on this, I highly recommend “Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. This book has had a major impact on my life and that of many others. It is also in the public domain, you can download the PDF for free, or read it online from the link above.

Step 3) Use trusted and proven MLM software to create your potential customer funnel system. This should be attractive, have an irresistible offer and be easy to replicate (self-replicating). In other words, for every new prospect and member who joins your team (and plan), a lead capture page with a selection form is automatically created, with built-in autoresponders and affiliate tracking. For newcomers to this industry, the signup form is a name and/or email field for your prospects to submit their information to. If necessary, it can contain more fields, such as phone numbers and custom fields. At least you want to capture email addresses. Next, you want to automatically contact potential customers via email, and this is exactly what the autoresponder does. It sends instant emails and other follow-up emails at predefined time intervals (in days).

Use your lead capture page and autoresponder to build your own list. This is your warm market. Send them useful, helpful information regularly (I recommend doing it once a week), but don’t overwhelm them because even if they choose to join, it will be considered spam. Please respect the subscriber’s inbox.

The whole MLM lead/offline building system (sales page, opt-in form, auto-reply, registration form, payment and offline builder, etc.) should be super simple (easy to understand and use), attractive and easy for everyone. Member Copy (self-replication) . Most importantly, everything should be fully automated. This gives you time to focus on sales rather than dealing with trivial management tasks. Release notes – text or video – about everything you’ve done to train members – and enter them in the members area. Share your best ad sources with your members and downline teams.

Step 4) Drive regular targeted traffic to your sales channel. Non-target traffic is completely worthless. Your traffic definitely needs to be targeted.

The website should do this for you. Let interested potential customers contact you through the website. Only send emails to people who contact you and therefore invite you to contact them. This is called opt-in or consent-based marketing. Some call it attractive marketing. The leader has read your website materials and is now choosing to receive more information or free tools. This is a warm market

Your MLM leads and personal time off the line drive sales. Build relationships. Listen to your potential customers. Try to help. If applicable, provide good tips or resources related to their situation for free. Provide value. Make sure you develop a good script to use in your conversation. Don’t tell stories or exaggerate how great your product is. Keep it short and make them want more. Tell them more about your website or invite them to a conference call.

Sales is a digital game, so be sure to send a large number of targeted potential customers to your sales channels on a regular basis.

Use social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

I am about to reveal what can be the holy grail of cheap MLM network marketing promotions. is a freelancer marketplace that contains a list of what freelancers will do for you for only $5-including but not limited to spreading your information to thousands of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Followers of MLM network marketing.

Use Looking for MLM and Internet marketing. Look for shows by Fiverr members who have a lot of followers on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Search for a large number of numbers, then the network you are hiring for, and add the term MLM or network marketing, such as “30,000 LinkedIn MLM” or “100,000 twitter network marketing.” Be sure to read the list carefully, because some people will say “no MLM or network marketing”, so you need to pay attention. Find posts that break into your market, have good followers, and most importantly, have good feedback scores.

If a freelancer provides quality content for your niche market (his subscribers are active-that is, reading his/her posts and the follower list focuses on MLM network marketing), then even a small number of followers is worth it.

For the best results, I recommend using Google’s advanced search to search for multiple keywords on Fiverr. Just go to and format your query like this: “10,000 LinkedIn MLM site:” without the quotes. Your keywords are separated by spaces, and the site variable just tells Google to search for the domain. Customize your search according to your preferences. Try different odd numbers 5,000, 10,000, 32,000, 56,000, etc. Try “MLM follower website:” (without quotes)-it will give you a good result. You just need to scroll to see the results of big fans-this is probably the easiest way. You can also try “Internet marketing follower website:” (without quotation marks)

Set up an activity tracking link (this is required) so that you can track the success rate of each activity. Set up a separate event for each Fiverr freelancer you hire. In this way, you can view the results and understand which Fiverr shows (or other advertising sources) are worth your repeat purchase in the future, and which results are useless.

Step 5) Follow up every clue. Be honest about what your plan provides and what you provide. Don’t throw the pie in the air and talk nonsense. They will see through it. If you do not plan to continue after the sale, please do not promise to do this and that for them. Always be honest and frank. Like all businesses, word of mouth, the Internet has made the world very small. Build your reputation and make it strong. To make a sale is to build a relationship. Respect others as if you wish to be treated. Ask questions while talking, and understand the needs of potential customers before promoting the product. This will help you adjust your pitch accordingly.

Step 6) Send emails to your downline frequently. Use your success stories and the success stories of others in the team and the organization to inspire them. Remind them to take action and help them develop an action plan using verified advertising sources.

Step 7) Repeat steps 4-6 continuously to ensure that new potential customers and sales continue to flow to your MLM network marketing company.


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