How To Make Money on Fiverr

Fiverr is committed to providing users with the opportunity to purchase digital services from a range of world-class providers.

It was founded in 2011 and has grown rapidly. More than 8,000,000 “shows” were purchased through the platform in 2015 alone.

While this sounds good, the biggest question is whether you can make money with it.

To answer this question, I thought it best to look at the overall size of the market and where you can make progress…


After working with many people on the platform over the past 5 months, I found that one thing that determines whether someone will succeed is how they position their offerings.

In fact, for most people – especially women who are particularly bad at this aspect – they use examples from past jobs to list things they can “do.”

Perhaps this is effective for advanced photographers, but for others it is the secret to disaster.

People want to know how you can move their business/life forward, not what you can do.

For example, you may be a “world-class surgeon”, but how does this translate into the kind of treatment you can give to patients? What is your specialty? What did you do before other surgeons refused to contact you?

In the western world, we have reached the age where social media has almost debunked the myth of “anonymous companies” – people want to know who they are dealing with and provide them with the best service directly.

For this reason, when considering what to do with the platform, you should take the following steps:


1. Use your experience as a guide

The first thing I discovered was to use your experience to lead.

If you’re not experienced, just say you’re eager to learn – the idea is that people will use your service because they want to help you improve, and so on.

Every time I see someone succeed on the platform, they are always ahead of everything else with their own experience.

The best vendors on the platform are very specific about the services they provide as they will always be shaped around the expertise they develop in the “real world”.

A big mistake of many different people is to just try to sell the service because they think it’s popular (SEO/WordPress design, etc) – it’s a very bad way of doing things and usually stunts growth because you do not get good results.

While the initial craze to make money may be good, bad customer reviews can kill all desires. So in the long run, it pays to focus on what you can actually do (rather than what you think people are willing to pay).

2. See what’s for sale

Some things will be more popular than others – while you shouldn’t “copy” other people’s work, you should look at what’s popular and what isn’t.

In terms of how you do this, there are two ways:

View popular accounts
View popular products/services
The first method is to try to identify all the popular “accounts” on the platform and “reverse engineer” how they were successful. This usually opens the door to several popular “markets” where they sell shows:
Click on Fiverr
At the top, select one of the “Themes” in the navigation bar
Choose a subtopic (make sure both are quite popular (digital marketing > social media marketing)
From the left menu, select “Secondary” + “Top Rated” in the “Seller Ratings” section
Also enter at least $100 in the “Price Range” section
Make sure the list is sorted by “Best Selling” and then click on the lists that seem popular
If you find something that looks attractive, please click on the seller’s “Profile”
This gives you an overview of their full performance portfolio
The second method is to find popular products/services. While the content you provide shouldn’t be generic, you should consider what “language” your audience would like to communicate in.
Click on Fiverr
At the top of the navigation bar, select one of the “themes” that match your experience
Choose a more attractive subtopic
Make sure the list is sorted by “Bestsellers”
Scroll and find the small number after the start of the review
For example, you have 5 stars + “1k”
“1k” represents the number of people who bought the show and left great reviews
It directly indicates the popularity of the show, so whether it is worth considering
As mentioned, both methods are only really used to get “basic” – some basic research is meant to give you more ideas about what’s popular on the platform.
3. Create your own on-demand offer

After completing the above operations, you should consider creating an “on-demand” offer.

Need is a heavy word; the point is most people just want to know what

They “do”, or what they think you want to hear. This does not work.

What is effective is to have a system that allows you to “provide” your service, allowing people to immediately understand the potential benefits of their business.

For example, one of my Fiverr profiles specializes in computer repairs.

Computer repair is not the sexiest, nor is it the most popular market. In the 90s, being a “PC repairman” meant a lot of money…not 2018.

Therefore, to make a “demand” supply (because computers are still in use-even over the 90s-just in a different way), you must understand where the “demand” is:

WordPress repair
Cloud VPS settings + management
Shopify solution
Now, although these are okay, the big problem here is that they are not in great demand. People do not “want” to buy them.
What people are willing to pay is the “why” they use the above packages-traffic, growth + income.

This is how you pack anything in a “growth” package…

5 new WordPress theme adjustments can increase conversion rate by 20%
Increase traffic with new WordPress adjustments
Create a SAAS subscription service using Cloud VPS
Increase Shopify sales through these 3 theme adjustments
This is obviously an art: if you can do this effectively, you can attract a large number of buyers’ orders.
4. Know what people buy

Obviously people will buy repairs/upgrades-but in essence you have to realize that most people are unwilling to send you money for mediocre services; they want exceptions.

Excellence does not mean “quality”-it means “results.”

Therefore, if you are considering the process of working with customers (if you receive an order), you should make every effort to push their business/life forward.

As mentioned above, things like packaging products into potential results (for them), redouble their efforts to help them understand what you are doing, or just do more than expected-if you treat your customers with respect and energy , You can “will start to get decent reviews.

These praises are *should* make the service continue to grow.

5. Make sure the “backend” is handled correctly

If you want to enter a major league, the absolute key is to ensure that your business can handle more orders.

While getting 5 new orders may be great, if you want to maintain momentum, you need to consider what it would be like to process more than 500 orders.

Therefore, one of the best things you can do is to focus on how to manage the “back end” of your business.

Such as integrating Trustpilot, creating a YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter feed, etc. are all small things that keep customers in your “loop” (so you have the ability to continue to provide services using your “request” in the future)).

In the field of sales, it is called the “funnel”-the deeper the customer, the more valuable they are.

Obviously, you must respect everyone’s ideas and so on-but from a purely pragmatic point of view, you should be able to consider how to continue to “recycle” the buyers that Fiverr brings.

Doing this effectively-everything from setting up a CRM system to integrating email marketing campaigns into your service-will increase your sales exponentially.

How you handle this growth will depend on your experience/temperament-but the bottom line is that if you are willing to focus on this issue, there is business.


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