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If you were laid off during this recession, looking for a job and/or just want to change your career, freelance writing is an ideal job because it will thrive no matter how the economy develops.

In a good economy, companies will spend money on advertising, marketing and consulting. All of these provide freelance writers with opportunities to earn money. During the recession, the company lays off employees, but the work has yet to be completed. So who do they rely on? It is of course a self-employed person.

Here are more reasons why starting a freelance writing career during the recession can be very profitable.

Three reasons freelance writers thrive in an economic recession

During the economic downturn, the freelance writing industry thrived for three reasons:

(i) Layoffs: Layoffs mean fewer organizations but the same workload; if the company gets more orders, sometimes even more. In these cases, the company relies on freelance writers to help left-behind full-time employees complete projects on time.

(ii) The company saves money: Freelance writers have no costs, that is, there are no health benefits, vacations or sick leave to pay. In addition, companies can save money by moving to smaller dorms because there are fewer institutions that need desks.

(iii) Unemployed Workers Start Their Own Business: Some of your best freelance writer clients may be laid-off workers who have lost their illusions and continue to start their own businesses.

Many people bring severance pay to pursue their long-term business dreams. Or they’re just so tired of getting fired “again” that they’ve vowed never to end up in that situation again.

Whatever the reason, they will leave alone.

And, what do they need? Websites (i.e. online copies), promotional materials (instant newsletters, sales letters, postcards, etc.), blogs (must be constantly updated), etc.

Who do they use to provide these services? Freelance writer, of course.

SEO Writing: Earning $1,000 to $2,000 a Week?

Case Study: Dialogue with Internet Marketing Company Executives

Executives of an Internet marketing company in Ann Arbor, Michigan, expressed their concerns when they were looking for an experienced search engine optimization (SEO) writer. She said they do a lot of things in-house but are always looking for a free SEO writer who can outsource work on a consistent basis.

There are two things to take away from here:

(i) Regular Mentions. Don’t just sell when you need a job urgently. Always in the market, because the writing only comes in a few months later. However, this is a good thing. Why? Because it means your pipeline will always be full.

(ii) Learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization writing. This is another very new niche market in the online writing market. This means less competition for work, which means you have more work!
Can you make $2,000 a week as an SEO writer?

This is quite possible if you know how to market it. Not only that, the work is usually in batches as it is not uncommon for customers to order 5, 10 or 20 articles/blog posts at a time.

Charging $25-75 per article/blog post can add up quickly, especially if you have 5, 6, or 7 clients who use you regularly.

If you’ve always wanted to start a freelance writing career, now’s the time. The waters of freelance writers are always welcoming!

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