Using Fiverr Alongside Your Main Business Plan

I’ve used Fiverr in the past and when he explained the new features and shoppers on the site, my son used it again. So I reconnected and I’m impressed with the new portal. I’m not a super seller as I just started using it again, but I think I will use it in a way that integrates into my main business plan.

First, if you complete all the work for $30 an hour and break it down into 12 5-minute tasks, you’ll have $60 an hour. Therefore, for regular people who pay $20 per hour at work and who want to be entrepreneurs, $40 per hour can give them financial freedom from their employer. If you do well enough to hit $60 an hour, and say you rack up 30 hours of gigs a week, you’ll hit $96,000 a year unless you want to take a break. But if you work 30 hours a week, you may not need a rest.

Of course, when you reach that hourly number, you can now eliminate gigs that take more time and make your day more efficient. I think Fiverr is a goal for entrepreneurs: to have good people who can be broken down into smaller tasks. In addition, if you do a lot of “plug-in” tasks, you can become more efficient and earn more per hour. These follow-up tasks can be similar to if you propose to write a business and post it on Facebook, then you can give a follow-up task to post the same content on more social media sources. Then suggest to read the content in a podcast and publish it on iTunes, etc.

If you are an established business and customers on the waiting list are charging $100 per hour, Fiverr can still be used as a way to get people to make bigger purchases. Perhaps a lawyer with an hourly wage of $300 but with more client vacancies (aka lack of billable time) provided a $5 legal template. Maybe then he’ll offer another legal model for $5, then another, then convert the Fiverr buyer into a paid tenant to hire a full lawyer.

I think any creative company can use Fiverr and their key business or work talents at the same time to collaborate. In other words, I have no doubt that some companies’ business plans may not be able to coordinate with Fiverr, but I can’t think of one that is readily available. My work includes adding you to Google Business, creating content, customizing comment pages and more to get more traffic to your website.


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