17 Sites for Make business Through Freelance

Freelancing online is an easy way to make money online. It’s about selling the time you spend on the project and getting paid after it’s completed. When you make money online, you may not know where to start. I remember getting scammed on a freelance website and losing almost $500 a day.

The following is a list of freelance websites that can be a great way to make money. You may have heard of them, but you may not know much about them. They are there and how to use them to your advantage.

1. oDesk- This is the ideal home for outsourcers. People usually say that this is a good place to hire programmers. So the programmer knows where to go.

2. Elance- This is the first house outsourced. Many outsourcers like it. On the other hand, it is a great place to make money as a freelancer.

3. Mechanical Turk – This is owned by Amazon. You can make money doing small tasks, but it’s a bit complicated.

4. Microworkers – This is similar to Mechanical Turk. You can earn money by doing simple tasks.

5. Fiverr-On Fiverr, you can make money online by doing simple tasks. You can complete any task and charge $5.

6. Just a Five- This website is very similar to Fiverr. You can complete each task for just $5.

7. TenBux-At TenBux, you have the opportunity to monetize shows that cost $5 or $10.

8. GigMe5-It seems very simple. I bet you understand…

9. UpHype-This is a performance website, with different price ranges: $24, $16 and $8.

10. Dollar3-The price of this show website is a multiple of $3, and the cheapest show is $3.

11. Jobs for 10-The title describes everything about the website.

12. Fittytown- This is a luxury show. All performances on this website cost $50 per show.

13. Demand Media- This is a great place for freelance writers. However, confirmation is required before you are allowed to work. The confirmed authors earn up to $15 per article, which I believe is profitable for fast article authors.

14. Constant Content- is a freely written article.

15. Related Content- Here you can get a prepayment for your articles and get extra income based on the number of views you get.

16. Break Studios-This freelance writing website is similar to Demand Studios. You can pay up to $8 per item. The good news is that the length of the article can be shorter.

17. iWriter- This is an excellent article writer. Your fee will depend on the quality and length of the articles you write. For items of varying lengths, you can earn as little as $3 to $8 in income.

If you’re into network marketing for more than a few weeks, you’ll learn at least one skill. The kind of network promotion. After all, this is what you do when you drive traffic to your website, be it through paid methods, search engine optimization or other means.

Therefore, promoting your personal brand should be a piece of cake. This is one of the keys to freelancer success.

I’ll break it down into 2 basic elements, but please don’t think this is the only technology as everyone will do their own thing.

Decide which skills you will sell

Introduce these skills to people who may need them


I’ll enrich it a bit.


What are you good at? Most people have a marketable skill, even if they don’t know it.

Can you write it? Writing is probably one of the most profitable ways to make money online. It can also be one of the lowest income methods. If you live in an affluent country, it may seem like an insult to pay $5 for a 700-word article. For some other people in different countries this can be a good deal.

Can you paint? Art and images are always popular.

Speak different languages? Translation service is a field and can pay quite high costs.

Do you speak your language well? Edit and proofread.

computer skills. Programming, writing applications, you can think of it.

You can sell tons of skills and there are a lot of people willing to buy them. Outsourcing is our number one way of doing business in 2011, and your skills are invaluable.


There are many ways to do this, but I will outline some simple ways.

Once you’ve decided what your skills are, you can build a website to promote yourself. Create Facebook fan pages and Twitter profiles. Optimize your website to get search engine traffic and pimp mercilessly via social media. Don’t be shy about promoting yourself.

Is there a way to provide a simple service that is almost automated? Try Fiverr.com. This site won’t make you rich, but it could save you a few dollars in advertising and/or operating costs. Those with a little motivation will come up with ways to provide services and promote back-end products or services and make more money. For example, do you use an automated program to create social bookmarks? If you do, sell the service. It’s simple and then promote your affiliate link to the service in the backend.

  • peopleperhour.com
  • o-desk.com
  • elance.com
  • main net

Sign up for these sites. Apply for any job you think you can do. Get a good reputation, it does count as social proof, and you get more jobs.

People spend months or even years in the world of online marketing trying to improve their skills, but never sell their skills. If you find yourself needing some startup money, some extra cash, or just some cash to prove to yourself that you can do it, try freelance.


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