5 Profitable Services To Sell On Fiverr

They “do”, or what they think you want to hear. This does not work.

What is effective is to have a system that allows you to “provide” your service and make people immediately understand the potential benefits of their business.

For example, one of my Fiverr profiles specializes in computer repairs.

Computer repair is neither the sexiest nor the most popular market. In the 90s, being a “PC repairman” meant a lot of money… not 2018.

Therefore, to make a “demand” supply (because computers are still in use – even in the 90s – just in a different way), you need to understand where the “demand” is:

WordPress repair
Cloud VPS Settings + Management
Shopify Solution
While these are OK, the big problem here is that they aren’t in much demand. People don’t “want” to buy them.
What people are willing to pay is the “why” they use the above packages – traffic, growth + income.

This is how you package everything in a “growth” package…

5 New WordPress Theme Tweaks Can Increase Conversion Rate by 20%
Increase traffic with new WordPress tweaks
Create a SAAS subscription service with Cloud VPS
Increase Shopify’s sales with these 3 theme tweaks
Of course, this is an art: if you can do this effectively, you can attract a large number of orders from buyers.
4. Know what people buy

Obviously people will buy repairs/upgrades, but essentially you have to realize that most people are not willing to send you money for mediocre services; they want exceptions.

Excellence doesn’t mean “quality” – it means “results”.

Therefore, if you are considering working with customers (when you receive an order), you should do everything you can to advance their business/life.

As mentioned above, things like packaging products into potential results (for them), doubling their efforts to help them understand what you’re doing, or simply doing more than expected – if you treat your customers with respect and energy, you can” starting to get decent reviews.

These accolades are *must* keep the service growing.

5. Make sure the “backend” is handled correctly

If you want to participate in a big competition, it is absolutely important to ensure that your business can handle more orders.

While it can be great to get 5 new orders, if you want to keep the momentum going, think about what it would be like to process more than 500 orders.

Therefore, one of the best things you can do is to focus on managing the “back end” of your business.

Like integrating Trustpilot, creating a YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter feed, etc. are all little things that keep customers in your “loop” (so that in the future you can use your “request” to request services to continue granting )).

In terms of sales, this is called the “funnel” – the deeper the customer, the more valuable they are.

Obviously you have to respect everyone’s ideas and so on, but from a purely pragmatic point of view you should be able to consider how you can continue to “recycle” the buyers Fiverr brings.

If you do this effectively, from setting up a CRM system to integrating email marketing campaigns into your service, your sales will grow exponentially.

How you deal with this growth will depend on your experience/temperament, but the bottom line is that if you’re willing to focus on this issue, there’s business.


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