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By writing a book and profiting from it through traditional publishing, horse racing seems like a safe and reliable business. Of the hundreds of thousands of English books published each year, few can make money. Moreover, traditional publishing takes several years. From the idea of ​​your book to its publication there is a time interval of at least two years, possibly longer; if you can find a publisher, it’s that one.

Depressed? Yes, for most writers traditional publishing is frustrating. However, with the rise of “instant publishing” you can increase your chances of writing a book and making money.

What is Immediate Release? This is a blog.

Blogs have shaken up the traditional publishing world – while newspapers, magazines and books continue to make money, the traditional publishing model is increasingly shaky. If you’re new to the instant blog post method, keep up with the speed. You’ll be glad you did.

Here’s how to use a blog in three steps to write and sell a book.

1. Write your book thoughts and suggestions on the blog

Compared to selling books, writing a book is easy because you are the only one involved. You write or you don’t write. However, when it comes to selling your books, you’re at the mercy of agents and publishers… unless you’re blogging.

The biggest advantage of blogging is that you can test it before you spend a year writing a book. Write your book ideas and your suggestions on the blog. If your idea stands out, you get a publishing contract.

2. Keep blogging while writing a book

Your publisher wants you to promote your book before and after the publication date. Use your blog to build an audience. Your publisher will love you. (By the way, this love can be turned into a further contract, so it’s worth cultivating.)

3. Blogs That Draw Readers To Write Books: Readers Sell Books

Write a blog while you write. Your audience is your greatest asset. Therefore, when writing a book, you can use instant publishing in three steps. Blogs are a boon to authors; use them well.


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