How to Become a Freelance Writer

Old, new… Does it sound familiar? For many people, now is the time of year to start what I call “new” thinking. They began to think about all the new things to be accomplished in the coming year. For many people, this means quitting their old job and starting a new career. Moreover, freelance writing is a very attractive job at home. Four reasons are discussed below.

4 reasons why the freelance profession attracts so many people…especially in this economy

It is not difficult to understand why this profession attracts so many people, especially when unemployment remains high and new jobs are still hard to find. According to the February 2010 article “Countdown to New Jobs…211 Days” on the CNNMoney website, it takes nearly eight months for unemployed workers to find a new job.

The article says:

“Job seekers are now unemployed for an average of 30.2 weeks or 7.5 months, which is higher than last month’s record of 29.1 weeks. The average length of unemployment even set a new record last month at 10 consecutive months. ”
Can you live that long without a salary? There can’t be much. And that’s why it pays to have or start something next to it. Free writing fulfills the requirements in many ways for the following reasons.

(i) No Formal Training Required: You do not need any form of formal training to start a freelance writing career. Really, anyone with good grammar and basic word processing skills can get started.

(ii) Inexpensive and easy to use: No need to invest in office equipment or other necessities. If you have a laptop and/or a home computer, you can in principle start using it.

(iii) You can start making money almost immediately: Some freelance writers can start acting almost immediately (within a few days or a week). While some of them are lucky, it is quite possible with the right marketing and the right freelance writing field.

(iv) Portable Occupation: If you have a laptop and internet connection, you can work anywhere.

As a freelance writer, I work all over a Starbucks coffee shop in New York City; I go to an internet cafe in Duluth, Minnesota; I go to a beach bar in Jamaica; i wear plush slippers to watch tv on the couch in my living room top reality show.

There are not many professions where all these factors are beneficial to them. In addition, the possibilities for free writing continue to grow.

If this is a career that appeals to you, here are a few things you can do – start today.

Want to know how to become a freelance writer? Step One: Assess Your Skills

I’ve been a freelance writer since 1993 and I found that one of the keys to success is to break it down into success. And I mean to pick a niche market and sell yourself to potential customers this way.

Many new freelance writers try to be everything to everyone. You don’t want to refuse a writing assignment, do you? However, in my experience, it is much easier to get a freelance writing job if you open a market segment (specialty) for yourself.

So evaluate your skills and see which areas you can penetrate. First check your interests, what experience do you have, what do you know a lot, etc.? Write these all down and then move on to the next step.

Research Niche: The Second Step of the “How Do I Become a Freelance Writer” Task

After you write down a list of your interests, hobbies, and experiences as mentioned above, do some research on each market segment. What you are looking for is to evaluate who your competitors are, how much they charge, how they market for freelance writing work, what services you can provide at a more competitive price, etc.?

Doing this kind of preliminary research will help you operate smoothly as you understand what your pricing should be, what your service offerings should be, and what customers want/expect/need from writers in this niche market. What, wait.

Doing these two things will give you an advantage over your competitors, as many new freelance writers won’t take the time to do this kind of in-depth research before starting.

Free writing opportunities have never been more abundant. In this economy – even if you are lucky enough to get a job – there is always something worth doing that can solve the future employment problem.


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