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What are you willing to do for 5 bucks?

Maybe you haven’t come across this cool and interesting website yet, it’s a great place for freelancers or people looking for a small job. This is the Fiverr website. This free website is a great place to make a quick $5 in cash in exchange for some services or something you can do or give at this price.

With this website you can do two things. You can be a seller or a buyer.

How’s this going. If you are a buyer, find and order the service you are looking for. You can pay via PayPal or credit card. Communicate with your seller and track his progress. Upon completion of the work, you will receive a 48-hour warranty from the seller in case you need to repair anything. That is it! You can complete this task for you for just $5.

If you want to be a seller, create and share a service that you’re willing to spend $5 on. So when someone is interested in your offer, you will be notified. You have 48 hours to provide services to your customers. When completed successfully, your payment will be deposited directly into your PayPal account. However, Fiverr will make the necessary deductions, including their fees and PayPal’s rebates.

Need someone to like and recommend your Facebook fan page to 4000 people? Need someone to increase your YouTube video views up to 4000 times in 5 days? Need someone to design your logo or write and publish articles? Need someone to design and build a website for you? All of these can be found in Fiverr. And all you have to spend for each service is a small amount of $5.

You will also find interesting and weird services such as “I’ll spend $5 to dance the whole song of your choice in a hot dog costume”, “I’ll spend $5 to make tough decisions for you”, “I’ll love you his Girlfriend Facebook for a week, $5”, “I’ll find you an excuse, $5”, “I’ll lift weights and scream what you want, only $5”. Isn’t it interesting?

However, if you look at the more serious side of this site, this is a good opportunity for you to build relationships. As someone who delivers high quality work, this is a good place to gain people’s trust and respect. You can get loyal customers and they can even recommend you to someone other than Fiverr.

Fiverr is certainly not just a nightlife venue, but also a great tool for building relationships and trust.

If you’re looking for a way to make money online, you should definitely check out Fiverr. This and other micro job sites allow users to post a small number of jobs, usually $5. However, if you want to succeed, follow the steps below:

Decide which job you are going to give. Think about your skills and what you enjoy doing. Also look at the products offered by other people and the most popular products. If you post a highly sought-after job, you have the best chance of getting a job.

Create a great profile. What overall impression do buyers get from your profile when buyers are looking for someone to do a job with? Does your profile show that you are a reliable, professional and honest person? Creating a good profile is one of the keys to your success.

Keep your position relatively short. They don’t have to be long and descriptive; they just need to grab the attention of potential buyers. Make sure the words in the title match the job posting you’ve entered so that buyers can find it in search results.

Provide a photo that matches your work. If you do anything on Facebook, use the Facebook logo for your photos. When it comes to an article, use images related to the writing. This helps to add a sense of professionalism to your work, making it more attractive to buyers.

Always over-deliver, especially in your first few jobs. You want to build an excellent reputation. By doing this, you can even get features on the homepage, which will be very useful. This also means that you will get some good reviews. Comments are one of the main ways buyers decide who to choose for a particular job.

persevere. The result will be slow at first. This is always the way of new things. List yourself on sites other than Fiverr. There are many good ones, such as six-a-side jobs and human stokes. By spreading your name on multiple websites, you can increase your exposure. Keep working hard and your success will come. The first few jobs are always the hardest to get, but as reputation improves, the company will snowball.
These are the basic steps to successfully make money online with Fiverr. The most important is the last item. If you think it’s slow at first, don’t despair; your success will come in time. Who knows, your income may even be enough to replace your job and full-time working from home.


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