How to Get Started As a Freelance Copywriter

What does it take to become a successful freelance writer? In addition to your innate talents, you can do one or two things for yourself.

Here are five things to help you get started as a freelance writer

1. Let’s get started!

The hardest is also the easiest. Many people talk about being a freelance writer, but never actually do anything. There are several ways to get started. You can start advertising writing services on sites like Fiverr. Or, if you have a portfolio or work sample, you can visit Constant Content, Elance, or one of the many free websites on the web. Once you have real writing work it will be much easier to approach an advertising agency because you will have something to prove that you can actually write.

2. Know who you are writing for

In the beginning, you could try writing some articles about what you know. But what now? Who or what is your target audience? Who wants to read your article? Which parts of the internet do they often visit? Once you understand the specific people you want to communicate with, you can write an article and stand in front of them. For example, if your target is teens, don’t post your article in front of soccer moms in their twenties or thirties. Know where to show your work.

3. Learn how to write a good title

If you want to be successful in copywriting, one of the things you need to know is how to write a catchy headline. Some people even say that this is the most important part of the copy. After all, if the title doesn’t encourage readers to read on, then almost all your work is in vain. Seek advice on what a successful title should look like online, and don’t be afraid to give it a try.

4. Have your own website

No matter how you choose to start your copywriting career, one thing is certain. In the long run, to be successful, you need to have your own website. A place where only your works and services are displayed. You only need to use WordPress to build one of these sites. This lets people know that you are a professional and that you are serious about copywriting.

5. Remember “3P”

Last but not least, practice, practice and more practice. Never stop learning your craft. Study and imitate the master copywriters – don’t copy them in the process! Find out what works for them and why. Then incorporate it into your writing style.

How to Make Money As a Freelance Writer

Every day more and more jobs are created on the internet. They have huge advantages over other types of work; they can be done at home. It’s great to be able to make money without going anywhere. Many people participate in these jobs to earn extra money. However, some jobs are so lucrative that they become permanent full-time jobs for people. Literally millions of people work online every day. Specific online jobs are usually freelancers. Freelance is a way for employers and organizations to outsource work for short or temporary projects.

The most common freelance jobs are those that involve writing content for websites/ebooks. Writing work is more common than any other type of online work. Writing jobs include editing, paraphrasing, article writing, translating, proofreading, etc. Even when it comes to content writing, there are various jobs to choose from such as gastronomic writing, sports writing, academic writing, etc.

To make money online by writing, you have to dig deeper and commit yourself. Search engines are the best choice for you to find a job; you can categorize many job posting websites. Apply for any job that is effective for you and suitable for your abilities. If your potential customers ask about it, send your information to them and let them know your experience in writing. Clients need good writers, so making a good impression is imperative. There are many freelance writers looking for work, so you need to respond to questions quickly or others may get the job.

Many jobs have deadlines, so you need to tell potential clients about your timing skills. This means clarifying whether you can complete before the recommended deadline. If a client asks you to provide a sample essay to test your writing skills, immediately agree and do your best to use the sample so you can convince them to believe in your skills.

Many online websites based on freelancers exist. On such sites, customers create advertisements or request quotes for their work. At the same time, writers and job seekers set their bids and contact customers. Some of these sites are,,, etc.

To become a freelance writer, you must have good grammar and spelling skills. To make money writing, your grammar must be impeccable; if your grammar skills are bad no one will give you a job.

Discover your writing power. Look for jobs you know you can do, not jobs you think you can do. You should also have a goal of how much money you want to make, and you are free to look for jobs that will be paid to you accordingly. Having previous experience is a positive selling point for finding a job. Your experience can convince potential clients of the quality and consistency of your work.


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