How to Make a powerful business Month As a Freelance Writer

With all the hustle and bustle and abundance of products on the internet today, many people feel discouraged when they start making a living online – I am no stranger here myself.

As a struggling online entrepreneur, I have witnessed courses come and go. I’ve paid thousands of dollars for courses and I’ve reached the point where I think every online course is a scam.

Then I came into contact with freelance writing.

How millions of people make money online by writing for free

Most people fear writing as a profession. But when you see the availability of content to be written by thousands of blog owners and website creators, you will quickly realize how profitable it is.

Here are some of the many types of jobs that people currently pay for online writers:

blog post. Most bloggers rarely write their own content. So how do they get the content? They hire people like me to write messages for them. These people paid 15 to hundreds of dollars for this.

article. While I’m writing this article here, you’re reading — there are many more written by ghost writers. Ghost writers actually write and I sometimes review and edit content before posting it on various websites.

E-book. Copywriting for e-books can be very profitable. While I don’t recommend starting here, many websites and marketers pay high fees to publish and distribute their eBooks.
How to Make $1,000 a Month as a Freelance Writer?

The first thing I show an aspiring entrepreneur in the beginning is set a goal and then calculate to see what it takes to achieve that goal.


To make $1,000 a month, divide by 30 to get about $33 a day.

So for our example, we want to take in $33 per day as a freelance writer.

This is how you do it:

Sign up for and put on a show as a writer. If you are not familiar, follow the instructions or find some instructional videos online.
If you can publish 3 articles per day, you have already earned $15. So let’s get another $18 on one of the many other websites.

Odesk. Create an account here and you can earn between $2-3 and $10 or more.

Author. This website takes longer to increase your salary. However, if you have a few articles, you can earn $15-25 per article.

Text broker. The site is only accessible to you in the United States, but you can get paid here for $10-20 per item.
Just starting out as a freelance writer? From here…

If you want to earn income online then one of the easiest and almost instant income is to get paid by writing. You can get many different types of content, articles, blog posts, emails, sales letters and even full e-books or reports. How do you find these vacancies? Read on to discover four ways to get a freelance writing job today.

1. Online Freelance Portal:

One way to find a writing job is to register on a freelance portal like On these sites, people post what they want to do, and you can bid to do it. You may need less work when you start your career, but as your reputation for delivering quality work continues to improve, you may incur additional charges. One problem is that you are competing with many other writers and the work may not come out at a steady pace. You should not rely solely on this method to generate revenue. If you combine it with a number of other methods, your work should go on steadily soon.

2. Your own website:

If you build your own website, you can take orders right away. It doesn’t have to be expensive, you can start with free options like bloggers blogs. You can write articles and publish them in the article directory to drive traffic to your website. These articles can work in two ways. They will attract visitors to your website and will also serve as the main piece of work that you can show to potential clients to show the quality of your work.

3. Target Market Segment Websites:

If you have expertise in a particular area, you can directly visit the website in that area and offer your services as a writer. Usually, this direct method allows you to charge the most for your writing. If you do a good job, you can find stable clients who will find you to write tasks in the future. One of the keys to success in this type of work is building a database of your satisfied customers that you use regularly.

4. Micro Recruitment Website:

These micro job sites are a relatively new person. They work in the same way as freelance portals, but every job or achievement is done at a fixed price. For example, on, the cost of each task is $5. You just need to post the writing task you want to complete at a price, and people can click on it to order. Please note that the site charges fees. Before publishing the service, make sure you know what it will be. The good news is that you know where the money is before you start writing, so don’t worry about not getting paid.

More features:

If you are looking for online income, there are more options. You can download my report to get some free information detailing 10 ways to make money online. Beyond freelance writing work, there’s more open to you, so pick your path and move on.


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