Microworking: The New Gig for Freelancers

Have you ever thought, “I have all these talents. I hope there is a way to market them and get paid?” Or maybe you’re overwhelmed with work and want a place where you can temporarily “hire” someone to help you do all the work? The good news is that a revolution called microwork has swept the internet and made this possible. Thousands of freelancers around the world use specially designed websites, such as Fiverr.com, Gigbucks.com, and many others to sell their talents to potential employers. Free micro work is a great way to make extra money.

What is micro work?

Microwork is defined as a series of small tasks that can be performed over the Internet, broken down from a larger project. Leila Chirayath Janah of Samasource first coined the term ‘microwork’ in 2008. To help the world’s poor, Samasource’s business model revolves around breaking down digital work into small units and outsourcing it to the poor so they can earn money. Let’s take Gigbucks.com as an example to further explain the definition of micro work. On Gigbucks, freelancers make ‘shows’. These shows illustrate what they will do with a certain amount of money; usually starting at $5. For example, a freelancer can post a show and say he will write an article for $5. A potential employer can browse through all the posted achievements and pick someone he or she thinks is right for the job he or she is doing. she must do. After the freelancer has reached an agreement with the employer, the employer deposits the money into the freelancer’s account and then gets to work. Once the freelancer has completed the work and the employer approves it, the freelancer is paid. After the performance, freelancers and employers are free to split up or rejoin if they wish.

Benefits of micro work

In a world where everything runs on computers, work can be done at home and people are looking for ways to save money, micro work makes a lot of sense. For freelancers, micro work is a great way to earn extra income while working from home. While not intended to replace “regular” jobs, many people make a lot of money doing these shows online. While this may not seem like much when you’re only getting $5 for one task, the goal of micro work is to complete multiple tasks that are easy to complete and don’t take a lot of time. To get more jobs from more employers, the reputation system makes sure good jobs aren’t overlooked. When freelancers complete jobs and do a good job, employers are encouraged to leave positive comments. Potential employers will see this positive evaluation and are therefore more likely to hire freelancers. Freelancers can make a lot of money, but it all depends on the time you are willing to invest in this goal.

For employers, micro work is always a win-win situation. Hiring someone to do a job you don’t have time for helps employers complete tasks on time, save money, and free up time for other things. You don’t have to worry about expenses, you don’t have to offer your employees long-term obligations or benefits, and less stress.

With the continuous development and development of the Internet, the opportunities for working from home (such as micro work) are also constantly evolving. This is the wave of the future and more and more people are taking advantage of it. It is not surprising if this revolution becomes a multimillion-dollar industry in the near future.

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SEO – How to Get Links to Your Freelance Writing Blog

Free writing or blogging allows you to be creative and spend time improving your writing skills. If you are willing to understand the importance of link building, freelance blogging can give you an online presence and influence. Link building is an integral part of free writing, which some people often forget. Any freelance blog should necessitate link requests and encourage reader participation.

What is free writing?

Before understanding what link requests mean for free blogging sites, let’s first define online free writing. The internet has changed the way writers find jobs. Now you can work for yourself as your own employer and write articles based on topics of your choice. You can also use sites designed in freelance mode, such as ODesk, GetACopywriter, and Fiverr. Next, we’ll understand why it’s important to link the inbound links to your content.

Why links are important

Links are essential for freelance writer blogs as it means more online users will see your blog posts. If you want your writing to attract an audience and gain recognition for your writing blog, you must follow the link. You want to find the most effective way to establish a link. There are opportunities, but you need to know where to look. Freelance writing is difficult, but if you focus on content creation and link building, you can achieve success with your blog. Content is king, which means creating unique, high-quality content that is valuable and meaningful to your specific audience. High quality content is the best way to prevent someone from linking to your writing blog. By connecting with other bloggers and making personal connections, you can also directly ask others to link to your website. Likewise, it is a universal courtesy to do the same for them.

Post comments and articles on many blogs

Read your content; post comments on many different blogs. This kind of friendly interaction helps expand your online influence and also helps you build relationships with blog readers. Using the comment section of a free blog to encourage link building is key. This type of communication is the most effective way to get links and increase the number of people who have the opportunity to see your content. Submitting your blog post to the article directory can also give you a link building boost.


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